5 Steps to a Great Information Security Job Posting

When you’re looking to hire A+ security talent you want them to see you as the same A+ caliber.  After all, why would top talent be drawn to a C+ organization?  While this seems logical, many top notch organizations are still marketing themselves poorly to one of their most important demographics:  their future employees.

Job Postings are MARKETING – NOT HR

Do not settle for the traditional Human Resources position description (HRPD) if you’re after high-caliber or hard to find candidates.  The HRPD is typically a dry statement about requirements and what the company wants from a candidate. It forgets that there is an audience out there that has many other options and is bombarded by way more interesting information in every other area of their lives.

Paint the picture

Make sure your ideal candidate can see themselves in this position, working for you and contributing to your company.  They have to WANT to do this so your first step is to take the time to get into your ideal candidate’s head and provide them with exactly what they are looking for.  In my experience, most technical talent is looking for the following:

  • Employees want to feel that their contributions will make an impact and be valued by the organization.  Think about how your organization can help them realize this goal better than any other organization out there.
  • Challenge and growth are the two most highly stated factors in job change.  Make sure that your ideal candidate will be able to see this as a growth opportunity, even if they come to the table with many of the same skill sets.
  • Internal advancement.  This does not need to be management track and many technical candidates are not interested in moving up the standard corporate ladder.  Many simply want to know that they will continue to be rewarded with new challenges and opportunities to work with great technology – and get paid well to do it.
  • They want to have faith in their overall leadership and the organizations they’re working for.  Tout your strong leadership and corporate reputation in your marketing.
  • Compensation is important.  Strong candidates are often well compensated and if you want them, you have to pay for them.  If you’re not the industry leader on the compensation side, you have to market other benefits or flexibility.

Sell yourself

Never forget that you’re selling yourself and your organization to your candidates.  You absolutely need to define your firm requirements, but consider making your requirements a bit more broad in your external job posting.  Dig into the nitty gritty when HR levels the candidate against the position as they’re creating the offer.  Focus your external marketing on the “must haves” and the candidate opportunity.

Plant the seeds and eliminate weeds

Weed out the candidates that are NOT a fit.  If the right candidate will be excited about tight deadlines and technical challenges, you can be sure that same information will make the wrong candidate run for the hills.  As you describe your ideal candidate and craft the opportunity profile, keep this in mind.  It is a valuable tool.

Stay cool

Consider incorporating pictures that your ideal candidate will be drawn to and make sure that your posting and your ATS are mobile friendly.  The days of reading a dry HRPD on your desktop are fading and you don’t want to fade with them.

True, this is more work and creativity than most companies are willing to put in, but I assure you that the time spent up front will save you weeks of wasted effort in the hiring process.  Plus, don’t you want your next hire to be excited about the prospect of working with you from the very beginning?  I thought so.