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Tips For Supporting Employee Emotional Well-Being, Part 2

Tips For Supporting Employee Emotional Well-Being, Part 2 The stress and uncertainty created by the Covid pandemic have brought employee mental wellness into the spotlight. An article from Deloitte Insights advocates for “the health-savvy CEO,” one who recognizes that “stakeholder health is a personal responsibility that can drive performance, relationships, and brand.” According to SHRM, a study from October 2021 shows that 86% of …

Blackmere Live: Workplace Benefits

Do you know if you’re getting the most from your work benefits? Or which benefits help empower great talent to invest their time and efforts into your company? (Hint: It’s not ping pong tables.) Find out on Thursday, September 15, 2022! Join our Founder and CEO, Domini Clark, in conversation with Cassandra Rose, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, the Head of People at Fringe for a …

Behind the Scenes of Hack-A-Sat 2: One Team’s Chronicle of Hacking Space

By: Jason L. Wright, Chief of Cyber Research This past weekend, I had the privilege of competing with some of my colleagues in the Hack-A-Sat 2 contest.  Jointly presented by the US Air Force and Space Force, Hack-A-Sat 2 (HAS2) is designed to inspire the world’s top cybersecurity talent to develop the skills necessary to help reduce vulnerabilities and build …

Hiring a CISO

Hiring a CISO: The Most Important Decision You’ll Make in 2021

Hiring a CISO? You’ll want to read this. Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is a relatively new role and more and more companies are considering adding the position or increasing the influence of their existing CISO. The urgency stems from an increasing number of reported breaches, many involving hundreds of millions of records and requiring millions and even billions of dollars in fines and damage repair. In fact, CybercrimeSecruityVentures.com estimates that cybercrime will be a $6 trillion business by 2021.

If your company hasn’t already done so, it’s time to fill the information security leadership gap. In this white paper we’ll share why a robust cybersecurity strategy is essential for every business, why a CISO is a critical part of that strategy, and what you need to know as you develop and implement the strategy and the role.

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Jason Wright Joins Blackmere as Chief of Cyber Research

Jason Wright Joins Blackmere as Chief of Cyber Research Blackmere Consulting is proud to announce Jason Wright has joined the team as Chief of Cyber Research. Before joining Blackmere, Jason Wright served as a principal cyber researcher at Thought Networks, LLC; a senior cyber researcher at INL; a kernel developer for NFR Security (now CheckPoint IPS-1); and a software engineer …

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Rising Bug Bounties Underscore The Urgency Of Strong Cybersecurity Personnel

HackerOne recently released a report that shows progress in fighting cybercrime, but also makes clear that the need for diligence is becoming more urgent than ever. The 2020 Hacker-Powered Security Report (download required) details the activities of just one of several “bug bounty aggregators.” In addition to HackerOne, there are organizations like Bugcrowd, YesWeHack, Intigriti, Synack and others — private companies and …