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Tips For Supporting Employee Emotional Well-Being, Part 1

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed much in our lives, not the least of which is the landscape of work. Stress is extremely high in this scenario, and employee mental health is suffering even more today than before the pandemic. It is increasingly important for companies to pay proactive attention to ...
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Top Five Hiring Best Practices For 2022

Our work lives have changed significantly during the Covid-19 pandemic. Recruiters need to understand the dynamics at play in today's talent market. Here's what’s changed: • The Meaning Of Work: Tim Smart of U.S News & World Report suggests that people have been reevaluating the meaning of work for some ...
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Why Employee Engagement Starts Before You Think It Does

Most business leaders and hiring authorities understand the importance of employee engagement. What many don't realize is that engagement starts before you hire a new employee. This always has been true, but it is especially relevant in the current talent market. Candidates have the upper hand — there is a great deal ...
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Blackmere’s Chief is Starting to Teach at Idaho State University’s Computer Science Program this Spring

Pocatello, Idaho — Senior faculty member Dr. David Beard and Dr. Steve Chiu, Chair of the Computer Science and Electrical and Computer Engineering departments at Idaho State University appointed Blackmere Consulting’s Chief of Cyber Research, Jason Wright, as an adjunct professor in the computer science department at ISU. The demand ...
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Blackmere Live: The Great Resignation

We are eager to offer you the newest resource to add to your tool belt: Blackmere Live. On the second Wednesday of each month, our Founder and CEO Domini Clark will be in conversation with fellow leaders in the cyber security and executive search industries. Our first guest is ...
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Blackmere Consulting CEO, Domini Clark, Chosen for Idaho Cybersecurity Task Force

Idaho Falls, Idaho — On Thursday, August 5, 2021, Governor Brad Little announced the formation of a new cybersecurity task force for the state of Idaho. Blackmere Consulting Founder and CEO, Domini Clark, is among nineteen other experts chosen to help strengthen cybersecurity education, business, and government action in Idaho ...
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Demystifying The Cybersecurity Profession, One Badge At A Time

By Domini Clark, Founder & CEO If you are outside the cybersecurity community — and especially if you are interested in joining it or recruiting from it — you may be interested to learn of a unique and engaging practice in the profession: cyber badges. I want to share a ...
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Need to Hire Cybersecurity Talent in 2021? Enhance Your Covert Ops

Think you don't need to hire cybersecurity talent? Think again. Cyber-attacks are on the rise, increasing by 11% since 2018 and 67% since 2014. Companies in all industries are vulnerable, regardless of size – some 43% of attacks target small businesses. Attacks can cost into the millions for a single ...
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Behind the Scenes of Hack-A-Sat 2: One Team’s Chronicle of Hacking Space

By: Jason L. Wright, Chief of Cyber Research This past weekend, I had the privilege of competing with some of my colleagues in the Hack-A-Sat 2 contest. Jointly presented by the US Air Force and Space Force, Hack-A-Sat 2 (HAS2) is designed to inspire the world’s top cybersecurity talent to ...
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How to Screen for Remote Workers

The following is an excerpt from the pre-release book "Remote Work", written by Chris Dyer and Kim Shepherd, renowned remote work and company culture experts who have served as CEOs of successful remote companies. Remote Work is scheduled to publish in May. The authors have generously allowed us to share ...
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Transforming Cybersecurity Savvy Into Powerful Interpersonal Skills

How Social Engineering Principles Can Transform Cybersecurity Savvy Into Powerful Interpersonal Skills In part 1 of this two-part blog, I introduced the concept of human hacking as perfected by Chris Hadnagy. Chris is an expert in social engineering and computer hacking, and founder/CEO of Social-Engineer, LLC, which provides corporations with ...
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Human Hacking: A Force for Good

Cybersecurity professionals know that "hacking" doesn't always refer to an illegal activity carried out by members of clandestine syndicates cruising the Dark Web. Even if you're not in the industry, you've probably heard of life hacks, like "Store natural peanut butter upside down to make it easier to mix in ...
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