Jason Wright Chief Cyber Research Blackmere Consulting

Jason Wright Joins Blackmere as Chief of Cyber Research

Jason Wright Joins Blackmere as Chief of Cyber Research Blackmere Consulting is proud to announce Jason Wright has joined the team as Chief of Cyber Research. Before joining Blackmere, Jason Wright served as a principal cyber researcher at Thought Networks, LLC; a senior cyber researcher at INL; a kernel developer ...
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cybersecurity personnel

Rising Bug Bounties Underscore The Urgency Of Strong Cybersecurity Personnel

HackerOne recently released a report that shows progress in fighting cybercrime, but also makes clear that the need for diligence is becoming more urgent than ever. The 2020 Hacker-Powered Security Report (download required) details the activities of just one of several "bug bounty aggregators." In addition to HackerOne, there are ...
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cybersecurity hiring blog

Key Factor in Cybersecurity Hiring: Skills, Certifications, or Experience?

If you have a large stack of curricula vitae from qualified cybersecurity professionals to review, then you are doing well in this competitive market. More likely you are finding it next to impossible to find a candidate who has everything on your wish list. Given that, how do you evaluate ...
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ciso secret weapon

The CISO’s Secret Weapon

By Domini Clark, Founder & CEO, Blackmere Consulting If you need to hire a customer service rep, place an ad. If you need a CISO with a consumer products background that has led a start-up environment, or a Cloud Security Architect with heavy AWS configuration in a global enterprise, hire ...
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Contract Staffing Down Economy Blog

Top Five Reasons Contract Staffing is the Smart Play in a Down Economy

By Domini Clark, Founder & CEO
Blackmere Consulting
It seems that all the staffing news in the COVID-19 economy is negative, including closures, layoffs and furloughs. However, let's look at the potential positives here. Most states, including hyper-cautious ones like New York and California, are beginning to reopen, albeit with strong ...
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Blackmere’s Andrea Mitchell-Khan Earns Nationally Certified Online Profile Expert (NCOPE) Credential

Andrea Mitchell-Khan, a Senior Technical Recruiter at Blackmere Consulting, has earned the Nationally Certified Online Profile Expert (NCOPE) certification from the National Resume Writers' Association (NRWA). This training and certification helps professional resume writers unleash the power of LinkedIn for their job-seeking clients. "Prior to the pandemic, online profiles surpassed ...
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COVID-19 cybersecurity hiring

COVID-19 Cybersecurity: Stay Calm And Keep Hiring

By Domini Clark, CEO, Blackmere Consulting via Forbes Panic makes us vulnerable.  But as any cybersecurity professional will tell you, diligence starts with the recognition that we are always vulnerable. The important thing to recognize right now is that panic can cause us to relax our diligence and make poor ...
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resume writing tips

Resume Writing Tips: Inspiration in Four Easy Clicks

By Andrea Mitchell-Khan
Senior Technical Recruiter, IT/Cyber
Have you hit a wall when it comes to creating valuable content on your résumé? Are you at a loss regarding where to turn for inspiration? Whether it's an entirely new résumé, an extreme makeover, or just an update, below is a swift and ...
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Cybersecurity Strategy: The Business Risk Of Being Caught Unprepared

This article was originally published on Forbes by Domini Clark, Forbes Council Member and Founder and CEO of the cybersecurity recruiting executive search firm Blackmere Consulting The chief information security officer (CISO) is a relatively new role and more and more companies are considering adding the position or increasing the ...
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2019 US Cybersecurity Salary & Employment Study

This article citing the US Cybersecurity Salary & Employment study originally appeared on Comparitech here, and an excerpt appears below. 2019 US Cybersecurity Salary & Employment Study – which state has the best prospects? In a world where data protection is becoming increasingly important, cybersecurity roles are at the ...
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Domini Clark, Blackmere Consulting, Celebrates Milestone with Forbes Human Resources Council

Forbes Human Resources Council is an Invitation-Only Community for HR Executives Across All Industries Domini Clark, CEO and Founder of Blackmere Consulting, is celebrating her one-year anniversary as a member of the Forbes Human Resources Council, an invitation-only organization for senior leaders to publish original content, connect and excel ...
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What’s Your Story? Why Stories Matter In Recruiting

This article was originally published on Forbes by Domini Clark, Forbes Council Member and Founder and CEO of the cybersecurity recruiting executive search firm Blackmere Consulting In today's employment market, candidates are in the driver's seat. No longer can companies post simple job descriptions online and choose from the ...
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