State of 2017 Cyber Security Hiring

ISACA's third annual State of Cyber Security finds that the field remains dynamic and turbulent during its formative years. One of the core challenges remains the persistent cyber security skills gap, and the difficulty of finding qualified candidates to fill cyber security positions.  Security leaders share their workforce observations and ...
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5 Tips for Interviewing Your Future Boss

Interviewing is a two way street and everyone knows that the information security market is a "candidate market."  With more jobs than talent and plenty of positions for most infosec professionals to choose from, it is extremely important to interview your next boss with the same scrutiny as the company ...
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10 Tips for Creating a Stand Out Information Security Resume

Let's be honest – there are 100 million articles out there about how to write the best resume, right?  Right.  Well, after 20 years as a technical recruiter and nearly a decade of recruitment in information security, I know what makes a good resume in this industry.  Some of these ...
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