Flor Reyes and Veronica Sommer

Blackmere Welcomes Two New Additions to the Team

Blackmere Welcomes New Team Members

Blackmere is pleased to announce the addition of two new team members: Flor Reyes and Veronica Sommer.

Flor Reyes Joins Blackmere as Career Development Strategist

Florencia (Flor) Reyes recently joined Blackmere as Career Development Strategist.  Flor’s diverse background includes 14 years in technical recruitment for large enterprise organizations such as Univar Solutions, Microsoft, IBM, Motorola Mobility, FMC, Ford Motor Company, Celanese, and SAP. 

 In addition to her technical talent acquisition skills, Flor’s passion is in helping people.  “With more than 80% of the world’s workforce dissatisfied with their job, I feel like I have a real opportunity to help make a difference.  I am also in the process of becoming an Ontological Coach which has changed the way I see life and my purpose.  Now at Blackmere, I have been presented with the opportunity of working for a greater cause in becoming an expert in the world of cyber security, and helping companies find the talent that will protect them,” she said.

When she’s not at work, Flor enjoys another altruistic role: being a mother to three amazing boys.  You might also find her playing field hockey or strumming her beloved guitar.  Flor is a native Uruguayan, and is fluent in both Spanish and English. 

Veronica Sommer Joins Blackmere as Talent Advisor

Veronica Sommer recently joined Blackmere as Talent Advisor.  Veronica is a seasoned Talent Advisor, Cybersecurity & Technology Recruiting Expert, and Career Coach with 22 years of experience in the search industry, with the last 6 years focused exclusively in the cybersecurity industry. Her prior experience includes founding and running her own boutique search firm for 16 years, building an exceptional reputation in the technology search industry through her high quality, personalized approach to the placement process.

Veronica received 3 Top Revenue Achievement awards from NPAworldwide, a 500-person Recruiter/Owner network made up of premier global recruiting agencies located throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and the Americas.  Veronica was named to CT Magazine’s Top 40 Under 40 list in 2011, and prior to building a national niche in Information Security, she broke the All-Time National Sales Record and was inducted into the “Hall of Fame” for Vector Marketing Corporation in her first sales role out of college.

Veronica is also the Founder of The Kindness Solution, whose  mission is to help people look at every aspect of their lives through the lens of kindness beginning  with how you treat yourself from a mind, body, spirit perspective, and extending that kindness outward to your family, workplace, schools, communities, and online, and teaching our kids to do the same.  She is also a Founding Member and Director for  WKUSA, a nonprofit in Washington, DC, that’s working to proactively put “kindness on the agenda” & teach people to “have the courage to be kind” in our boardrooms, businesses, national & local governments, NGO’s, schools, and communities.

Veronica is a fierce advocate to end child / human trafficking and has spent the past year building relationships with nonprofits, businesses creating products and services in the anti-human trafficking space, and law enforcement specilaists in order to leverage each other’s efforts and create a unified front to protect all  humans from harm, exploitation, and suffering. 

Veronica graduated from the University of Michigan with a BA in Communications, is a Certified Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and has attended Unleash the Power WIthin, Date with Destiny, and Life Mastery with Tony Robbins. She lives in CT, and is a mom of a teen and tween, and views parenting as the greatest vehicle for personal and professional transformation.

Please join us in welcoming Flor and Veronica to the Blackmere team.  

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