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Blackmere’s recruitment strategy is tailored for every client and every search. We understand that your business is unlike any other and every search strategy should be crafted to meet your specific needs.

Blackmere Talent Acquisition will dig deeper to find the true source of hidden talent in the market place. Our technical recruiters will partner with you to evaluate your forward looking strategy, assist you in crafting your vision and structuring your talent architecture. Forward thinking organizations know they must maintain their edge through bold decision making and a willingness to challenge convention. Innovators cannot afford to compromise talent.

Blackmere Talent Acquisition operates with a low volume, high service model while maintaining some of the most reasonable search rates in the industry. Unlike many generalist recruiting firms, Blackmere has dedicated our practice to Information Security, Cyber Security and Information Technology.  Our technical recruiters devote time to building relationships and understanding the issues facing the industry.

Blackmere Consulting approaches each search as if the future depends on it.  It does.  The future of your organization depends on top talent and our future depends on our ability to deliver that talent effectively to our clients – every time.  While our placement and retention rates are excellent, we prefer to focus on our performance today in order to ensure your success in the future.

Our recruitment approach includes several critical factors:

  • Savvy and knowledgeable technical recruiters dedicated to Information Technology and Cyber Security
  • Thorough assessments to determine the profile of the ideal candidate and a careful screening strategy for each search
  • Creative consulting for marketing your organization and opportunity to attract top talent
  • Leveraging Blackmere’s extensive worldwide network of active and passive candidates
  • Unparalleled access to research and tools necessary to locate hard to find resources
  • Strong partnerships with industry leaders and support organizations
  • Consultation in formulating competitive compensation and intangible benefit packages
  • End to end project management throughout the placement process
  • Strict confidentiality
  • Excellent placement and retention rates

We offer a multitude of services to meet your needs.  From full service retained or contingency search to contract recruiters who can assist your internal team during peak hiring periods.  Learn more…

What Our Clients Say:

quotesThe recruiters at Blackmere are adept at getting the right feedback out of what I’m saying even if I don’t really know what I’m trying to get at. Definitely very receptive to our feedback as we go through each interview, making slight course corrections to nail down that candidate profile that we’re targeting.”

— Development Manager (St. Louis, MO)

quotesBlackmere has helped me hire 2 resources so far this year and they have done a wonderful job in both cases. They are helpful, always reachable and kept me updated at every stage. I would love to use them in the future for my recruiting needs. Thank you!!”

— IT Manager, MMS Healthcare (Herndon, VA)

quotesThis was a difficult position that I thought would take a lot longer. I’m impressed – good find!”

–Sr. Technical Recruiter, Healthcare (Long Beach, CA)

Our Search Programs:

Retained Search

We know – retained search can be scary. You’re committing dollars to one firm and hoping against hope that they can deliver. And you may have been burned before. What you may not realize is that the success rate of a retained search is over 90%. At Blackmere, we work on a small number of retained searches, giving you all of our attention. This is a consultative process, not transactional. Contingency only firms are strictly transactional, which means they are forced to take on a high volume of searches in order to mitigate their risk. The biggest risk for us is an unhappy client. Retained search means:
  • We will work with your team to create a 360 degree position profile and a clear understanding of the ideal candidate. As search consultants, we will challenge ideas about what has always been and will work with you to consider all that is possible.
  • You will be provided with a full evaluation of each candidate.
  • The candidates we submit for your retained search will not also be farmed out to other clients. Unlike contingency only firms, we will not act as your competition for talent.
  • We have the ability to serve as an extension of your organization in the marketplace and represent your unique culture and requirements accurately.
  • Blackmere provides a strong replacement guarantee on all of our retained searches. We stand behind our work and ensure that your chosen candidate is not only recruited, but retained in the organization.
  • Fee percentages are not based on anticipated bonus amounts.
*If you’re looking for a middle ground between retained and contingency, please ask us about Container Search.

Contingency Search

Sometimes you just want to get your feet wet with a new recruiting firm and you want to see if it is the right fit. Contingency search is a good option to develop the relationship between your organization and ours. Since you do not pay for services unless we bring the right candidate to you, our efforts need to be unencumbered by a market saturated by multiple search firms. Often, when an organization is known to have every dog on the street out sniffing, top tier candidates become annoyed and disinterested. Our goal is to find the best candidate for your organization and our expectation for contingency search is exclusivity. However, if you have an extraordinarily interesting project or are an organization we are chomping at the bit to create a relationship with, we may make an exception. *If you’re looking for a middle ground between retained and contingency, please ask us about Container Search.

Contract Recruitment / Sourcing

Sometimes you need a recruiter onsite or a strong virtual recruiter to work through the full recruitment process within your team. We align with strong technical recruiters and sourcers across the country and can assist you with an internal contract recruiting arrangement. This is a great way to scale your recruitment needs without the risk of bringing on a direct hire employee. Unlike others, we do not utilize junior or offshore resources.

Contract IT Staffing

Just like bringing on a contract recruiter, Blackmere offers contract IT staffing as well. When you need an IT specialist QUICKLY to fill in a gap or you have a project that needs expert eyes, we can bring the talent to you. This option is designed to be scalable for short term needs, but can also lead to longer term or direct-hire arrangements as well.

How to Get Started:

If you’re interested in taking a look at a sample agreement, we’ll be happy to send one over. It’s only about 2 pages and says pretty much what we’ve explained here, with a few legal details sprinkled in. We just need a quick conversation about the best options for your organization to get us started. Call 415-510-2973 or contact us today.