We help clear the obstacles that stand between you and your goals

You need a consultant and coach who

  • Has broad and deep experience with both candidates and companies.
  • Knows what is working and what is not.
  • Has seen the good, the bad and the great, and is passionate about helping you be GREAT.

That's Exactly What You'll Get from Blackmere


Team Coaching

Whether it's a single project or day-to-day operations, your team, supervisors and managers can benefit from an objective assessment and feedback. Our coaches can help you define goals, shape strategy, plan action steps, refine processes and select technologies.


Human Resources Consulting

Our passion is helping HR teams be better by being smarter. Your HR team is handling everything from compliance to organizational culture to recruitment -- the details can be overwhelming. Sometimes it takes an expert with an outsider's view to help identify opportunities and see a clear path.


Diversity Coaching

Take diversity beyond compliance and transform it into a competitive advantage. Different backgrounds, world views and life experience promote innovation. Let us show you how.


Career Coaching

Your career touches almost all aspects of your life, and helps define who you are. You want it to be challenging, fulfilling and rewarding. We want that for you, too. We can help you:

  • Polish your résumé, online profile and even your personal brand.
  • Prepare for an important interview.
  • Clarify what's important—as Simon Sinek says, “It’s not just what you want, but why you want it”
  • Build and leverage a robust professional network.
  • Make a major career change.
  • Hone your negotiating skills.
  • Makeover your mindset to ensure your next step is everything you've imagined.

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