Consumers Don’t Buy Mobile Security

Consumers Don't Buy Mobile Security

The majority of consumers currently do not pay for mobile security services.

According to Allot Communications’ MobileTrends H1/2017 Report, 89% don’t have paid tools for securing their mobile device.

That said, the survey also reveals that 68% of mobile internet consumers say they are aware of mobile malware (and one in seven of these consumers have experienced a malware attack in the past 12 months). And in every region, representing 61% overall, they want and are willing to pay for protection services from their service provider.

Rather than independently seek out, evaluate and download security apps for each of their mobile devices, consumers would like a one-stop-shop for online protection for themselves and their families. This presents communication service providers (CSPs) with a huge opportunity to be the provider of personal mobile security services from their network, Allot concluded.

26% of consumers contact the CSP when facing a malware incident. The same percentage of consumers contact the app developer, and most consumers (35%) contact no one.

“CSPs have a huge opportunity to be proactive and deliver relevant protection,” said Yaniv Sulkes, AVP of marketing at Allot. “Our survey has revealed consumers are demanding simplified protection for their various connected devices and are willing to pay for it. CSPs are best placed to address this industry-wide issue and improve the customer experience.”

Source: Information Security Magazine