sales candidates' EQ Aron Derbidge

Evaluating Sales Candidates’ EQ: Aron Derbidge Selected for Forbes Expert Panel

Blackmere’s Chief Revenue Officer, Aron Derbidge, is part of a Forbes Expert Panel on evaluating sales candidates’ EQ. Below is an excerpt from the article. The full article may be viewed here.

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is a useful aspect of any sales professional. A high level of emotional intelligence enables a sales professional to spot things that would otherwise go unseen. These characteristics can give them an edge in closing a sale as they notice where the clients’ pain points are and how to engage them best.

For a business, hiring the right sales candidates means figuring out which potential hire demonstrates the best aptitude for emotional intelligence. It’s such a crucial skill that sales professionals without it are at a significant disadvantage.

To help, 11 industry professionals from Forbes Business Development Council dive into the questions that will help a business determine which of its potential candidates have the right level of emotional intelligence to become a sales all-star at the company.

Sales candidates' EQ Aron Derbidge Forbes panel
Forbes Business Development Council members shared tips for evaluating sales candidates’ EQ.

What Project Are You Most Proud Of?

My favorite question to ask in an interview is what project they are most proud of over their career. Those with low emotional intelligence tend to answer with numbers, personal accolades, etc. Those with high emotional intelligence tend to talk about experiences they had helping a team member, employee or customer. – Aron DerbidgeBlackmere Consulting

To view the other questions, see the original article on Forbes here.

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