Forcepoint Acquires RedOwl for Analytics

Forcepoint Acquires RedOwl for Analytics

Forcepoint has acquired security analytics company RedOwl, which is focused on helping customers understand and manage human risk.

Forcepoint said that the acquisition is part-and-parcel of its “human point strategy,” which views people—rather than technology infrastructure—as the focal point for cybersecurity. The premise is that cloud, mobility and ever-changing infrastructure makes the traditional perimeter a fallacy; by focusing on how, when, where and why people interact with critical data and IP, organizations can more effectively identify and address risk.

"The world has fundamentally changed and the way we think about security must change, as well,” said Matt Moynahan, CEO of Forcepoint. “If the cybersecurity industry fails to put people at the center, it is certain to fall short in helping customers protect their most vital assets. Forcepoint is absolutely committed to empowering customers with human-centric security systems, and RedOwl fits squarely into this promise."

RedOwl, which has been around since 2011, has developed a user and entity behavior analytics technology that Forcepoint will use in its human-first approach to addressing security and regulatory use cases. The technology provides visibility into the cyber, physical and financial activities of people, allowing users to analyze large amounts of complex data, assess high-risk events and behaviors, and enact centralized and supervisory oversight to satisfy both security and regulatory requirements.

"As I've watched Forcepoint's story unfold, it is clear we share the view that a human-first approach must be the path to addressing cybersecurity and internal risk," said Guy Filippelli, CEO at RedOwl. "The opportunity to deliver a holistic solution around proactive human oversight is exciting; joining Forcepoint will accelerate our ability to deliver these important capabilities to our customers. We're thrilled to become a part of the Forcepoint team."

RedOwl’s analytics platform, which provides real-time insight into anomalous interactions and access across people, data, devices and applications will be integrated across Forcepoint's portfolio, as well as with customers' existing technologies (e.g., SIEM, Forcepoint DLP and Forcepoint Insider Threat).

"Combining the deep collection capabilities of Forcepoint Insider Threat, the powerful analytics of RedOwl's technology and the risk mitigation of DLP creates a system capable of protecting critical business data and IP like no other," said Heath Thompson, senior vice president and general manager of the Data and Insider Threat Security business at Forcepoint. "Context is everything, and we look forward to helping customers differentiate between carelessness, compromise and malice in the most efficient way possible."

RedOwl technology and employees are joining the Forcepoint team as part of the Data and Insider Threat Security business, reporting to Thompson.

Source: Information Security Magazine