#HackerHalted: Jack Daniel Honors Historic Infosec Figures

#HackerHalted: Jack Daniel Honors Historic Infosec Figures

At Hacker Halted conference in Atlanta, Georgia on September 15, renowned industry expert Jack Daniel, introduced his project ‘The Shoulders of Infosec’

The information security industry, said Daniel, is ignorant. “But we need to start looking back. Why? Because history repeats itself.”

The objective of Jack Daniel’s project ‘Shoulders of Infosec’, is to “look back, acknowledge, and learn more about the people that have shaped the infosec industry.”

A lot of the early work done in the information security field pre-dates the web, said Daniel, who believes it important that the industry educates itself and honors the early work done in the field. “Back then, infosec wasn’t a job, challenges were different, and it was just what people did.”

The project is appealing for community support to add names to those already listed on its page.

The project initially focusses on early contributors to the information security field, but will continue to grow and expand with industry support.

In his keynote at Hacker Halted, Daniel paid tribute to the following people:

  • Alan Turing
  • Harold ‘Doc’ Keene
  • Whitfield Diffie
  • Marty Hellman
  • Ralph Merkle
  • Ron Rivest
  • Adi Shamir
  • Len Adleman
  • James Ellis
  • Clifford Cocks
  • Malcolm Williamson
  • Nevil Maskeline
  • Admiral Grace Hopper
  • Dr Eugene Spafford
  • Becky Bace
  • Robert T Morris
  • Robert Morris
  • Willis Ware
  • Dorothy Denning
  • Steve Lipner
  • Bob Abbott
  • Jim Anderson
  • Rene Carmille

For more information on the above names, and to see the full list of those honored by the ‘Shoulders of Infosec’ project, please see the website

If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giantsSir Isaac Newton

Source: Information Security Magazine