Interview tips: How to ACE Your Interview in 5 Steps

You’ve followed our tips for creating a standout information security resume, and you got a callback for an interview.  Well done. Now make the most of your investment in time so you are prepared to ace the interview and make yourself impossible to pass over.

Do your research

Walk into your interview knowing more about the company than the average job seeker.  Take 15 minutes and look up recent news, stock prices, industry evaluations and anything else you can get your hands on.  Knowing the company’s products or services is extremely valuable and understanding where they fit in the marketplace will make you stand out.  Any research you can do on the team and the organizational structure will also show that you’ve gone above and beyond the standard interviewee.

Analyze the job description

Don’t just speed read the job description.  Take 30 minutes and pull it apart.  For each bullet listed or each “critical” element of the position description, come up with an example from your experience where you have either done exactly that or something similar.  Don’t be afraid to take those notes to the interview to help you if you get stuck.  A little preparation can make you look like you’re fast on your feet when it counts.

Be Confident

Find out from the receptionist or HR what the dress code is and step it up at least one notch for the interview.  That old adage that you should dress for the job you want is true.  HOWEVER, don’t wear something that you’re horribly uncomfortable in.  Wear that outfit that makes you feel like a million bucks.  If you don’t own something like that, invest in it today.  When you feel like a million your confidence will show.

Demonstrate what you say you know on your resume

There is really nothing more irritating than finding the perfect resume with all of the amazing skills you’re looking for, only to find that the candidate was just in the same room as that cool project.  Make sure you can take that knowledge to the bank and prove it.  If you’re rusty, brush up before the interview.

Ask Questions

Make sure to have a few ready prior to the interview.  Ask questions about the future of the company and department as well as get information about what the expectations are for this role in the near and long term.  See here for further tips on Interviewing Your Future Boss.

If you follow these interview tips, you’ll have that job offer in the bag.