ISACA, CynjaTech Team on Cyber-Awareness Training Game for Kids

ISACA, CynjaTech Team on Cyber-Awareness Training Game for Kids

CynjaTech and ISACA have teamed to create a mobile game that teaches children and their families about computer science, cybersecurity and safety.

The game is included in the free CynjaSpace app, currently available for Apple iPad.

The collaboration combines ISACA’s Cybersecurity Nexus (CSX) knowledge with the Cynja comic series to offer children a gamified, interactive way to learn digital survival skills. The game adapts ISACA’s content into not just a cool game for kids but also a resource for their parents. The game has been dubbed Dojo, because it’s meant to be a digital training ground of sorts.

“Our digital lives begin at a very young age, and kids need to be protected in the digital world as much as they do in the physical world,” said ISACA Board Chair Christos Dimitriadis. “If we can equip kids with the information they need to be cyber-savvy, they will be safer and we will create a cybersecurity culture for the generations to come.”

The next generation of cyber-education begins at home, said Heather C. Dahl, CEO of CynjaTech:  Parents begin teaching children to read and count before they go to school, and we believe that learning how to be safe online should start just as early. If we begin teaching children digital survival skills, they will become second nature, just like adding two plus two.”

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Source: Information Security Magazine