(ISC)2 Opens Call for Speakers for CyberSecureGov

(ISC)2 Opens Call for Speakers for CyberSecureGov

(ISC)2 has announced the opening of its call for speakers for the 4th annual (ISC)2 CyberSecureGov, to be held May 19-20 in Washington, D.C.

The two-day training event brings together representatives from government, academia and industry to address a variety of government cyber-issues from a holistic perspective.

 “The government cannot continue taking one step forward and two steps back in its response to cyber threats,” said Dan Waddell, managing director, North America Region, and director, US Government Affairs, (ISC)². “With a unique perspective on what is at stake, cybersecurity professionals are being called as agents of change to influence and empower the government’s progress at all levels and in new ways. This year’s CyberSecureGov training event is designed to shake up the status quo and incite progress in new ways.”

With a theme of “Inspiring Change Agents in an Environment of Game-Changing Threats,” the CyberSecureGov training program will include three tracks, focused on prevention, detection and resilience. The group is currently accepting speaker submissions from experts in government, industry and academia in the following topic areas:

  • Cloud Security
  • Threats and the Advanced Adversary
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Automation, Detection and CDM
  • Incident Response and Recovery
  • Professional Development
  • Business, Financial and Risk Implications
  • Identity Access Management
  • The Privacy Challenge
  • Game Changing Solutions

Keynote speakers have already been confirmed for the event:

The University of Maryland’s director of the Human-Computer Interaction Lab, Jennifer Golbeck, will open Day 1 of the training program addressing, “The Human Side of Cybersecurity.” Golbeck’s research focuses on analyzing and computing with social media and creating usable privacy and security systems.

Harvard visiting executive in-residence, Eisenhower Fellow, and CIO for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), David Bray, will open Day 2 of the training program addressing, "Positive #ChangeAgents in our Exponential Era.” He served as IT chief for the Center for Disease Control’s Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Program during 9/11, volunteered to deploy to Afghanistan to “think differently” on military and humanitarian issues in 2009, and served as executive director for a national commission reviewing the research and development efforts of the US Intelligence Community.

Photo © Dasha Rosato

Source: Information Security Magazine