(ISC)2 to Explore Federal Cybersecurity

(ISC)2 to Explore Federal Cybersecurity

(ISC)2 and KPMG, the audit, tax and advisory firm, are looking to survey federal cybersecurity executives on the state of cybersecurity in the federal government.

The results will become part of a report, The 2016 State of Cybersecurity from the Federal Cyber Executive Perspective—An (ISC)2 Report, to be issued at (ISC)2’s CyberSecureGov training event in Washington on May 19.

The results will be shared with the new federal chief information security officer (CISO), cybersecurity decision makers, industry stakeholders and members of Congress and staff.

The organizations are looking to tap the brains of CISOs, chief information officers, senior cybersecurity managers and other federal leaders with cybersecurity oversight. The range of topics is varied, and include:

How executives plan to target the proposed Cybersecurity National Action Plan (CNAP) resources

What agencies have done in response to the Office of Personnel Management breach

How cybersecurity is being prioritized throughout agencies and departments

What is and is not motivating current executives to remain in government

What they see as the most significant game-changing cybersecurity solutions

The survey is timely: The Obama administration in February introduced its Cybersecurity National Action Plan, which would create a federal CISO, establish a new commission tasked with protecting computer networks and increase coordination between federal officials who focus on privacy issues. Part of the plan is a much-needed software patching and updating audit, and more training and recruiting for cybersecurity specialists.

The White House will look for Congress to approve a 35% increase in the cybersecurity budget to secure $19 billion in funding for implementation starting next year. About $3 billion of that will be earmarked for the IT modernization effort.

“As evidenced by the announcement of the new federal CISO position, the federal cyber executive perspective has an increasing role in helping government leaders make complex business decisions,” said Dan Waddell, (ISC)² managing director, North America Region, and director, US Government Affairs. “Together with KPMG, (ISC)2 is in the unique position to provide this platform for the voice of federal cyber executives to be heard at this very critical time.”

Tony Hubbard, KPMG principal who advises government entities on cybersecurity concerns, added, “Government agencies are among the most targeted by cybersecurity attackers. We are excited to work with (ISC)2 on this effort, and we hope this survey’s findings will ultimately help the federal cybersecurity community expand its holistic solutions for fortifying the federal government against cyber threats.”

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Source: Information Security Magazine