Malware Evolution and the Cyber Talent Gap

InfoSec Connect founder Domini Clark contributed a feature article to the April 2016 edition of the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) Journal.

In “Malware Evolution and the Cyber Talent Gap,” Domini delves into:

  • The origination and evolution of malware
  • The cost of malware breaches
  • The cost of attempted malware containment
  • Projections for the demand growth in the global cyber workforce
  • The current and future talent gap for cyber professionals
  • The impact on cyber salaries and the top five IT security salaries
  • The impact on women in cybersecurity
  • Tips for those considering a career in cybersecurity

To read the article, check out the PDF here.

This article by InfoSec Connect Founder Domini Clark originally appeared in the April 2016 ISSA Journal.  A PDF of the article is linked here with permission.