Microsoft to Extend California Privacy Law US-Wide

Microsoft to Extend California Privacy Law US-Wide

Microsoft has announced plans to extend the privacy provisions provided in a landmark new Californian state law to users across the US.

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) comes into effect on January 1, 2020. It’s set to offer more GDPR-like protections and rights to the Golden State’s citizens, such as the ability to find out what personal information of theirs companies are collecting and to prevent it from being sold to third parties.

However, it doesn’t go as far as the EU legislation in terms of large fines for erring companies, its definition of personal information, the need for Data Protection Officers (DPOs) and other elements.

That said, it has come under heavy criticism from tech firms that make money from selling their customers’ personal information. There have also been efforts at a federal level to draft a new law which would supersede the Californian one, but lawmakers are split down party lines.

That’s offered Microsoft an opportunity to differentiate from much of the tech sector by supporting the CCPA US-wide, just as it has done by promising to extend GDPR protections to all customers.

“While many of our customers and users will find that the data controls we already offer them through our GDPR commitment will be stronger than those rights offered by the new California law, we hope this step will show our commitment to supporting states as they enact laws that take us in the right direction,” explained Microsoft chief privacy officer, Julie Brill.

“We are optimistic that the California Consumer Privacy Act — and the commitment we are making to extend its core rights more broadly — will help serve as a catalyst for even more comprehensive privacy legislation in the US.”

Source: Information Security Magazine