Niche Job Boards: The Power of Precision

Why should you consider using niche job boards for your sourcing strategy? The truth is that there are a lot of tools out there to bring employers and candidates together. Many promise the newest and greatest, but the formula is really very simple. At the end of the day, you must communicate who you are and what you want to a receptive audience. You can scream from the rooftops about the greatest snow boots in town, but if you choose a rooftop in Miami you wont be taken seriously.

That’s where many of the big job boards fail. Yes, they boast insane traffic numbers, but how many of those candidates are right for your cyber security research position? Probably not many. Recruiters don’t have time to waste on resources that don’t work. Many complain about being bombarded with unqualified applications that must be sifted through before reaching the top talent. When working with a targeted resource, the chances of reaching your ideal candidates are much higher than the “shot in the dark” approach.

As companies evolve and become more strategic in their sourcing methods, they reach more often to niche job boards. Of course, this is helpful in every industry, from power engineers to long haul truck drivers, but it is especially necessary in the information security industry. With the dearth of available talent and the ever increasing number of open positions going unfilled, the ability to attract exactly the candidates you’re looking for is of critical importance.

Think you can just use LinkedIn? Well, not everyone in information security is willing to put up an online profile. Many passive candidates want one resource to visit that delivers consistent results in their area of expertise. This saves them time, allows them to investigate companies they might not have thought of yet and provides them with the anonymity they want in their job search. The ability to deliver the right content to the right individuals is the whole point of recruiting, isn’t it?