#Oktane16: Okta Forms New Partnership with Google

#Oktane16: Okta Forms New Partnership with Google

Speaking at the opening of Oktane16 in Las Vegas Okta CEO Todd McKinnon announced the firm’s new, strategic partnership with web giant Google.

The aim of the partnership is to help enterprises and their people accelerate their digital transformation to a multi-cloud, mobile centric architecture, allowing them to securely deploy and manage ‘best of breed’ applications such as Google Apps. Enterprises will be able to leverage The Okta Identity Cloud to connect to complex, legacy, on-premises technology and manage the identity lifecycle.

“Innovation is positive change that drives your business forward; it’s a defining characteristic of our age – new technology represents new opportunities for change,” said McKinnon.

“Every business is trying to close the innovation gap between what is technically and realistically possible, so they don’t get ‘Ubered’. Enterprises want to leverage Google’s best-in-breed applications and multi-cloud infrastructure to get their best work done,” he added.

The collaboration with Google will make it easy for customers in the large enterprise segment to securely bring on Google Apps so businesses can spend their time innovating instead of securing complex deployments.

Joining McKinnon on stage Diane Greene, senior vice-president for Google’s cloud business, explained that technology is advancing at an ever-increasing speed, thus enterprises want to work with innovators in order to take full advantage.

“Everybody is suddenly moving to the cloud; people realize that the cloud is the most secure place to be. Nobody can afford not to be in the most secure place,” she said

“Working with Okta as our preferred identity partner for Google Apps deployments in the enterprise, we’ll provide organizations with an easy, secure path to transformation, bringing on the Google enterprise infrastructure, applications and devices they need to succeed.”

The partnership sees Okta build on existing partnerships with Google for Work and Android for

Source: Information Security Magazine