Skills in Demand: Incident Response Manager

An Overview of the Role of Incident Response Manager

Cybersecurity incidents are on the rise around the world and the need for experienced incident response professionals is outstripping the available supply of talent. The incident response manager role is responsible for managing high-impact incidents on a large, often global, scale. Responsibilities include developing IT security incident response process, collaborating with key stakeholders and finding unique security solutions for critical vulnerabilities. This is a technical expert, an intelligence expert and someone who has the ability to influence immediate change within an organization in the midst of high pressure situations.

What it takes

Experience with APTs and IT security preparedness is critical, as well as the ability to identify and assess current and emerging IT security risks. A deep understanding of threat/attack modeling is essential along with the ability to interact with cross-functional teams. Success hinges on the ability to identify, assess and respond as well as the ability to lead at the C-level during times of critical need.

Base compensation can range from $150K-$200K, often with additional incentives. Independent contract rates can be higher.

– Domini Clark, principal, Blackmere Consulting; founder and director of strategy,

This was originally published in the June 2015 Issue of SCMagazine