Skills in demand: Information Security Architects

An Overview of the Role of Information Security Architects

Information Security Architects are the backbone of the design and strategy for strong information security organizations. While they can be focused in specific areas like application security or infrastructure security within very large companies, they often oversee the overall security strategy and determine delivery and implementation of security solutions. This is not only a subject matter expert with strong knowledge of many facets of information security programs, it is also a highly visible role within leadership and will often report directly into the CISO or CIO.

What it takes

Security architects often rise out of hands on engineering positions which gives them in-depth knowledge of implementation and configuration of security tools and best practices. The ability to utilize hands-on technical knowledge and translate that information into long-term security strategy is critical, as is the ability to collaborate and communicate effectively with senior leadership.


Base compensation can range from $120K to $175K, often with additional incentives. Independent contract rates can be higher.

– Domini Clark, principal, Blackmere Consulting; founder and director of strategy,

This was originally published in the March 2016 Issue of SCMagazine