Skills in demand: Security engineer, identity management

An Overview of the Role of Security engineer, identity management

Understanding who your users are and what, exactly, they have access to within your system is critical for any enterprise. Identity and access management (IAM) engineers must have a strong understanding of the complex work flow within a system. In these roles, business acumen is just as important as technical acumen due to the interrelationship between the technology, business needs and overall corporate policy. This is a subject matter expert with strong knowledge of IT systems architecture, web security, identity and access management, public key infrastructure (PKI), single sign on (SSO), federating identity to cloud services as well as threats and vulnerabilities.

What it takes

Solid experience in configuration, administration and troubleshooting IAM technologies along with strong communication skills and the ability to work with internal and external customers. These roles often have a strong strategic component due to the ever changing tools, corporate policies and industry specific regulations.


Base compensation can range from $120K to $175K, often with additional incentives. Independent contract rates can be higher.

– Domini Clark, principal, Blackmere Consulting; founder and director of strategy,

This was originally published in the October 2015 Issue of SCMagazine