Spanish Police Bust Premier League IPTV Pirates

Spanish Police Bust Premier League IPTV Pirates

Spanish police have eviscerated a pirate IPTV subscription business offering unauthorized English Premier League matches and 100+ international pay-TV channels.

The Spanish National Police raided a store in a Calahonda shopping center in Málaga, Spain, owned by Y Internet, an ISP suspected of hosting a large-scale illegal IPTV streaming business. Owned by two UK citizens Y-Internet was selling illegal IPTV service packages with annual contracts to hotels, pubs, neighborhoods and individuals. This included reception devices that were adapted to receive decrypted pay TV signals without authorization. and providing unauthorized online subscription services.

An investigator from Irdeto, the content security company, told the police that he went to the store posing as a customer; the employees showed him the decryption device, and the services available. The representative supplied as evidence the reception device and a premium subscription purchased for 450€.

 At the time of the raid, five of the company's 10 employees were present, including the system administrator who was in charge of the operation of the servers used to provide illegal access to the channels, an IT technician in charge of preparing the illicit devices and three sales managers.

The investigation was initiated by the Premier League as part of a global crack down on illegal online redistribution of its live broadcasts. Engaged by the Premier League for piracy detection and investigative services, Irdeto’s team of experts worked closely with the Spanish National Police to gather information and evidence leading to the raid.

“This approach is essential for organizations like the Premier League—and other creative industries—as our model is predicated on the ability to market and sell rights and protect intellectual property,” said Premier League director of legal services, Kevin Plumb. “It is because of this that clubs can invest in star players and managers, and world class stadiums—the very things fans enjoy about our competition.”

He added, "These raids follow a recent case we brought in the UK that saw a supplier of IPTV devices which enable mass piracy of Premier League football sent to prison for four years. It was the first case of its type and the fact police, both in the UK and in Spain, are now targeting and arresting others selling similar devices is further evidence for consumers that they are illegal." 

Source: Information Security Magazine