Startup Think Cyber Security Joins LORCA

Startup Think Cyber Security Joins LORCA

A cybersecurity startup, Think Cyber Security, that aims to reform the way that people think about cybersecurity risk in business, has joined the London Office for Rapid Cybersecurity Advancement (LORCA) centre as part of the first cohort of businesses. The companies come together with the intention of supporting cybersecurity innovation to scale and develop their solutions.

Think Cyber Security, founded by Mike Butler and Tim Ward in 2016 and funded in part by Innovate UK, leverages behavioral science to ensure that security training is timely and appropriately contextual so that end users can make effective changes to their daily digital habits.

As part of the first cohort, Think Cyber Security will enjoy the opportunity to grow within an extensive community of other businesses, investors and academics across the international cybersecurity sectors.

Based in East London, LORCA is run by Plexal along with Deloitte’s cyber team and the Centre for Secure Information Technologies (CSIT). The center opened in June and will receive a new cohort of cybersecurity businesses every six months. LORCA aims to have worked with 72 promising companies by 2021.

The industry is faced with many challenges that relate to automation, regulations and orchestration, and the joint efforts of those running LORCA and the evolving groups of cohorts that will join the center hope to deliver solutions to those challenges through building a collaborative community of innovative leaders.

In commenting on this new venture, Think Cyber Security CEO Tim Ward said, “We will be basing ourselves at the site as many days a week as we can. It’s a great facility for hosting meetings, collaborating with fellow startups and with onsite services – for example, design, insurance, legal and banking.

“We have time scheduled to work with Deloitte and CSIT and hope to have opportunities to run trials of our software with these partners and their customers facing cybersecurity challenges. We are also expecting to be involved in an international mission of some kind to drive exports.”

Source: Information Security Magazine