Blackmere Live: The Cyber Workforce Evolution

The cyber workforce is changing. But is it for the better?

Join our Founder and CEO, Domini Clark in a sit-down with Maxine Holt, Sr. Research Director in Cybersecurity for Omdia, to discuss the evolution of the cyber workforce, what needs to change, and how we’re going to work together accomplish it.

They share and discuss the results of our internal cyber workforce survey and answer your questions on everything from cyber burnout to how you can make a difference.

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Top Five Hiring Best Practices For 2022

Top Five Hiring Best Practices For 2022 Our work lives have changed significantly during the Covid-19 pandemic. Recruiters need to understand the dynamics at play in today’s talent market. Here’s what’s changed: As a result, recruiting and hiring strategies that were effective before the pandemic need adjusting. Here are five ways you can adapt to this new hiring field:  1. …