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Top Five Insights from Talent42 2019

By Domini Clark, CEO, Blackmere Consulting

Recently I had to the privilege to rub shoulders with some of the best and brightest technical recruiters at the Talent42 conference in Seattle.  Known for its edgy and practical feel, the 100% tech-focused conference attracts big name companies like Google, Amazon and Expedia, as well as smaller organizations all fighting for the same technical talent. These were the key takeaways for me.

Re-defining “talent”

As the job market and economy evolve, the most cutting edge companies are taking a good hard look at what “talent” means in their environment. How do we truly achieve diversity and, in fact, what should diversity look like in our company? Are we putting up barriers for candidates without realizing it, such as making bachelor’s degrees a hard and fast requirement?

Technology is ephemeral, relationships are not

More and more, technical talent is making the choice to connect only with people and situations that “feel” right. This means that it is more important than ever to take the time to make a real connection with candidates, network peers and others.

De-Clutter the hiring process

Companies big and small have created hiring processes with rules, regulations, and excuses that have built up over time andoften are defended tooth and nail. That distracts us from the fact that talent acquisition is a very human endeavor, and real people — with other jobs and other job offers — can get stuck in the processes. With unemployment close to an all-time low, cumbersome processes simply don’t pay. To stay ahead of the game and win top talent, we need to take the clutter out of our hiring processes — make it easy for the candidates you want to want you, too.

Stories matter

Everyone knows that most technical talent, from software engineers to cybersecurity architects, have their pick of opportunities. Gone are the days of posting an HR-generated job description, sitting back and waiting for the talent to come to you. Instead, we need to tell the stories that leverage our greatness, whatever that may be. Maybe your data center is run with 100% sustainable energy, or your founder is a female combat veteran. Tell your story. The right person will be drawn to you and the culture that makes your company unique.

You can’t get away with anything

It was always a goal of the Internet to make massive amounts of information available to everyone. Be careful what you wish for! If you think your code review questions aren’t on the Internet, think again. That candidate you put through five interviews but then forgot to follow up with? She shared that on her blog and social media posts. There are “underground” sites in plain view listing companies that require whiteboard exercises. Staying mindful of the vast reach of communication may help drive better processes and will certainly keep you on your toes!

Taken all together, I think it means that robots will not be taking over our jobs as recruiters any time soon.  In fact, the more technical and more difficult the hiring becomes, the more human and efficient our processes must be. From tailoring our job descriptions to fit real people, to diving deep into the personal impact a job change has on our candidates, to making sure we’re telling the right story about our own unique culture, it’s clear that all of the technology in the world wont replace humanity in technical hiring.