Today’s Guest Editor: Jenny Radcliffe

Today's Guest Editor: Jenny Radcliffe

This Christmas Infosecurity has invited five top industry names to each fill the role of guest editor for a day, and on the first day of this week we are delighted to introduce Jenny Radcliffe!

Jenny Radcliffe, aka “The People Hacker”, is an expert in Social Engineering, negotiation, persuasion and influence, non-verbal communication and deception, and has been an active lifelong social engineer since breaking into a local zoo at the age of seven.  
A recognized expert on psychological security she has been performing penetration tests and related assignments for clients of all sizes and types on an international basis for decades and is renowned throughout the entire security sector working with companies from many different areas of the industry. She is entirely non-technical in her methods and attacks, using psychology and a unique perspective to continually excel at breaching security systems and protecting her clients.
Using a blend of anecdotes, science and humor, Jenny is an exceptional and highly impactful professional speaker.  A regular keynote at major security events and a multiple TEDx contributor, Jenny has been a guest expert on security, scams and social engineering for various television and radio shows as well as multiple online media.
Jenny is the host of the internationally successful podcast “The Human Factor” which interviews people from all walks of life about social engineering, security, business and life.

Jenny will be sharing her thoughts on the industry throughout the day so look out for her introductory video, opinion article, a Q&A with the real editor Eleanor Dallaway and a Twitter takeover!

Source: Information Security Magazine